The Harlequin welcomes you to his realm

Book 1: Theater of Seduction 
Book 2: Theater of Deception
Book 3: Theater of Cruelty--coming April 15, 2018
Book 4: Theater of War--coming May 15, 2018
Book 5: Theater of Desire--coming June 15, 2018
Book 6: Theater of Vengeance--coming July 15,2018
Book 7: Theater of Time--coming August 15, 2018
Book 8: Theater of Fear--coming September 15, 2018
Book 9: Theater of Birth--coming October 15, 2018
Book 10: Theater of Redemption--coming November 15, 2018

Theater is supposed to be an imitation of life. But what if it's really the other way around? 

The Harlequinade takes everything you think you know about theater and turns it inside out. Actors in real life learn how to manipulate the emotions of the audience--most famously using the Stanislavski method. But in the world of the Harlequin, the greatest actors are secret empaths...powerful mages who psychically bombard the audience into sharing their emotions. Reality fades, and the world of the play becomes reality for two hours. This is a secret that only a few actors know about: the members of Phillip Lewis's Royale Theater Troupe. When Catherine Brighton learns how to deliberately use empathy after being cast in the company's new play, she knows what she's found. This is the Holy Grail of theater and it will take her to Broadway. She calls it the "theater of seduction" which is exactly what the troupe and the actors do every performance they give. 

However, outside the comfortable and familiar world of American theater that Cat loves lie other realms where immortals play a particularly vicious game with the mortals they oversee. Cat quickly discovers that the play's not the thing, that empaths don't just project emotions but can be punished by them, that death is just another role, time is just an imaginary barrier, and that when love and arcane power are combined, tragedy is sure to follow.  But she loves the theater, she's fallen in love with her leading man Dominic LeClair, and the theater of seduction is something she is dangerously good at. It's just a short step from the fantasy of the play to the nightmare of history, and while time is fluid...terror is not. 

And through it all dances an enigma--the Harlequin. Sinister yet seductive, vindictive yet vulnerable, predatory yet protective, the Harlequin is as bound to Cat as Dominic is. Make no mistake: while the show must go on, the script is all his. 

"Beautifully crafted and refreshingly original, Celina Summers is a bold new voice in speculative fiction!"--NYT/USA Today #1 bestselling author Helen Hardt