The best known logic puzzles in the net

There are many Internet phenomena that are discussed for ages. Recently, the blue and black dress caused great confusion – or was it white-gold? Some see it that way, others like that. But at least as much excitement bring seemingly unsolvable logic puzzles or math-puzzle tasks that make the entire Internet community astonish. We want to introduce you to some of them here.

Logic puzzles “Cheryl Birthday” and “The goat problem”

Let’s start with the logic puzzles that have recently made many people despair: Cheryl’s birthday (Cheryl’s birthday)! The puzzle comes from Singapore and was posted on Facebook due to emerging inconsistencies. TV presenter Kenneth Kong, arguing at home with his wife about solving the problem, asked for public opinion. The maths assignment comes from a mathematics Olympiad in Singapore for students 14-16 years old. Nevertheless, the logic riddle reached online many users who sat with a smoldering head before the task and discussed the right answer: When is Cheryl’s birthday?

Of course there are many more logic puzzles to solve. Among them are classics like “The goat problem” or the well-known Einstein riddle with the title “Who owns the fish?”. But what makes these puzzles so exciting for us? We hear about it, look at the puzzle and think, “Hey, it can not be that hard!”

Logic puzzles in social networks

But we are wrong and quickly realize that some of these logic puzzles are not as easy as we thought. Although basic skills in math or a little creativity can sometimes be enough, many people fail, give up and seek the solution on the net. After all, you also want to understand what you did not understand. In addition, it is often a community phenomenon where it is known that the majority of users are the same. Many such puzzles and puzzles quickly make it into the social media world. There, the users help each other or let off steam, if they do not get any further. Because we all know: it’s damn annoying and frustrating if you just do not get the right solution!

Currently, the puzzle task “The car in the parking lot” circulates on the Internet and makes the adults look quite old. The task of an admission test for the first grade of a primary school from China is actually quite straightforward. A six-year-old allegedly solves them in 20 seconds: On which parking lot number does this car park? If you take a look at the numbered parking lots next to it, the first assumptions are made and complicated math theories are discussed. The solution, however, is a completely different one. This is where creativity is needed, because mathematics basically has nothing to do with it!

But not all puzzles are so fast to crack. Hardly any other mathematical riddle has heated people’s minds in the last decades like the famous goat problem. This is about probability calculus at the highest level, where many failed. In addition, many of those who tried it are also unanimous about what the correct answer is: it’s about choosing a goal behind which is either the main prize or a complaining goat. Sounds easy? But it is not!

The tenth day of mathematics at the University of Bayreuth also presented its guests with a tricky logic puzzle. Students and students tried among others to solve the mystery of the mysterious diamond in the museum. It must be found out in which room the expensive diamond is located. Logic and meaningful procedure are crucial here.

If you want to know more and have come to the taste of puzzle and tinkering in general, just keep looking on our blog. We hope you enjoy puzzle solving! And on the website you find in the math section diverse quiz modules and interactive exercises – so you not only have fun while riddling, but also learns the subject of math.

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