Book 1--The Reckoning of Asphodel 

Tamsen de Asphodel is determined to track
down the cloaked man who murdered her
parents—and the unloved and unwanted
half-human heir to the throne of the Elves.
So when a reluctant Elven scout named Brial
accompanies her on her quest, neither would
ever have suspected they'd be fighting to
depose a regicide on the fields around Asphodel.

#1 Bestseller in Science Fiction/Fantasy at numerous online retailers  June, 2007 
Love Romances and More Best New Author 2007
Love Romances and More Best Sci Fi/Fantasy Novel, 2007

Book 3--The Temptation of Asphodel 

The game of the gods is speeding up, and when Tamsen and
Brial find a long-lost civilization of Elves, the pattern of the
gods' game starts to become clearer. After a new magic evens
up the odds of the foreordained battle, Tamsen begins to feel
confident—until a lethal and forbidden possibility tempts her
from her path. But that possibility is actually the opening 
gambit of an ancient, dangerous deity--a gambit that signals
the emergence of a new foe into the game. 
When Tamsen is drawn into conflict with immortal enemies,
she discovers that the line between obedience and temptation
is much narrower than she thought.

Obedience is dangerous; temptation can kill.

Love Romances and More Best Novel of 2008 Nominee
Preditors & Editors Top Ten Best Sci Fi/Fantasy Novel  2008

Book 4--The Apostle of Asphodel

The time has come to return to the plains of fabled Ilia,
to fight once more the great war that once the Elves
had spurned, and the great hosts of Ansienne and  Leselle 
 will fight alongside the warrior women of Hippolyte, the
greatest  fighting force in the world.  But the real battle is
somewhere else, the infamous judgment hall of the gods,
and in order to survive this final test, Tamsen may lose
everything—and everyone—dear to her.

Love Romances and More Best Sci Fi/Fantasy Novel 2009  
Love Romances and More Best Novel 2009 Nominee
Love Romances and More Best Author Nominee
Preditors & Editors Top Ten Best Sci Fi/Fantasy Novel 2009,
Preditors & Editors Best Novel 2009,
2009. Golden Rose—1st runner up to Christine Feehan's Murder Game;

Book 2--The Redemption of Asphodel 
Tamsen and Brial are following a trail of clues laid down for them by the goddess, all the while looking for a way to track down her treacherous uncle Spesialle. 

When their quest takes them to the lonely and      fabled Sanctuary of Orios, Tamsen must not only defeat a monster out of legend, but sacrifice the only thing that can buy the redemption of the Elves.

If she is strong enough.

Preditors & Editors Top Ten Best Sci Fi/Fantasy Novel