Stalked by the Zozo Demon
A Real Life Paranormal Experiment

The verdict is in! STALKED BY THE ZOZO DEMON is getting rave reviews as the #1 New Release in its genre. Check out what early readers have to say--

"...Fantastic book. I heard about and read the book before I had watched any of livescifi's videos. I couldn't put the book down, it's very interesting and insightful. And now I cant stop watching livescifi."

"...The book is so well written and really pulls you in. I could not put it down.I am hoping that Tim and Celina write another book!..Wonderful book!"

"...was interesting to read what got the both of them into Paranormal Investigation. It also expressed the ideas I had on zozo itself which makes the ideas proposed in the end more concrete to me. If you are a viewer of Tim’s, an avid reader of Celina this is worth a read..."

"...Both authors and contributors (Tim and Celina) have approached the field of paranormal investigation, with logic, open eyes and mind, knowledge and most importantly the ability to not overreact when a door closes in the wind. Unlike may other so called paranormal investigators who 'over act' the situation. Tim and Celina are keeping it real. A must read, for any legitimate paranormal researcher and investigator."

"...This book answered so many questions about this last summer's investigations and brought a little more understanding of what brought Tim into the field. Celina is an artist at bringing the word to the written page. An amazing author and great at making you feel like you were there with the them. I hope these two continue to work together, they are an amazing duo."

"...All of that said, Celina (and Tim) this is very very well written -- engaging even if you're not "in the know" of LSF (it was the #1 paranormal book!) as it should be -- well documented, well written and thank you for doing this -- I hope you two do something similar in the future! Highly recommended!"

​"...The book is so well written it sucks you right back into the chat while watching many of the investigations this summer. At the time, I was wondering to myself why Tim was trying to talk to ZoZo every night and now I have the answer! Tim Wood is for real! Let's dissect another voodoo doll soon!"