​What are the critics saying about The Asphodel Cycle?

"...I didn’t want to stop reading Summers’ books. Whereas I usually spend a few hours each day with each of the books I am currently reading, I became so engrossed with Summers’ characters that I simply read The Asphodel Cycle from volume 1 page 1 until the last page of volume 4.

I enjoy a lot of books but there aren’t many that I read that I can say brought tears to my eyes, caused me to laugh, or caused me to feel choked with emotion. But Summers’ characterizations and dialogue in The Asphodel Cycle did bring all those emotions and more to me, enhancing the pleasure of these books..." An American Editor

​"...If you have not read any of the ASPHODEL CYCLE, I want to ask, “Where have you been?” however, that may be too flippant. So, why keep it here and not backspace over it? I hope to share a smile with you as I stress how much you have been missing.

There are many fantasy quests with magical elements and battle-weary friends. A few have strong female leaders. The ASPHODEL CYCLE is my favourite. My favourite female lead. My favourite romantic couple. My favourite use of gods and goddesses and their use of mortals in power games.

Ms. Summers is a favourite author because I know each time I read her name I will not be disappointed."-- Chris Chat Reviews

​"...Celina Summers maintains supreme control of an archetypal fantasy story structure while making the tale fresh and engaging enough for even the most diehard fantasy reader. She weaves a tale that is both familiar and unexpected; because she remains so true to the genre, readers can trust her to lead them to explore untried paths in a familiar fantasy landscape..." -- MyShelf
"... This tale is EPIC! This is the final chapter to a grand series with all of the tales in it at four-hundred plus pages. There are several worlds with different races (former enemies of the elves, the humans, or the sorcerers) coming together to battle a great evil. This series has over a dozen significant characters coming together from several of the previous tales to unite in love and mutual respect to recreate a great battle in Ilia; hopefully this time all of the characters reminiscent of the past battle will prevail, stop several curses, and eliminate a god.This book is everything a good fantasy should be. It is complex, with a multi-layered storyline, has characters with depth, several sorrows and the occasional joy."--Bitten by Books
"...Ms. Summer’s tight, fast paced storyline keeps the reader entertained and enthralled from beginning to end. With captivating and multidimensional characters that continue to grow within her series, Ms. Summers delivers a story that will keep even skeptics of fantasy awed. Each page is like a fast-paced movie that will leap off the pages and into your hearts and minds with ease.

This reviewer was eagerly awaiting this next book as Ms. Summers has picqued my interest in her series with her first book, The Reckoning of Asphodel. Tamsen is a strong yet vulnerable character that delves into a world of magic and political Intrigue and finds a love so strong it is her core strength. With many characters that find a way to keep the story moving, Ms. Summers delivers a stunning addition to the Fantasy world. If you love Lord of the Rings, then add Ms. Summers’ Asphodel series to your collection. She will definitely keep you on the edge as you find yourself rooting for Tamsen to take the step that will give the Elven Realm their redemption..."

--Love Romances and More
​ "...As a reader, we all love tightly written tales. Stories which move quickly and have moments of calm where we can breath a little, where the characters can relax before the next surprise, the next battle. As a reviewer, these tales make my day. I love books which carry me away with their telling and have me forgetting I’m suppose to be looking for the positives and any negatives. Ms. Summers continues to capture the reader in me, while making me, the reviewer, forget what I’m suppose to be reading for. Normally, I’m pretty good at figuring out the direction of any given series. If you read as much as I do, you’ll understand what I mean. Each genre has its own arc, its own path that is routinely followed. I’m not sure where Ms. Summers is taking Tamsen.

I have one more book to read, APOSTLE OF ASPHODEL, and where Ms. Summers takes me, I want to go, and, yet, I don’t. I don’t want THE ASPHODEL CYCLE series to end..."--Chris Chat Reviews  

"...4 ½ tombstones. I loved revisiting the characters, and watching them grow – especially Tamsen – was a delight. Celina Summers really packs in the drama and love that was so evident in her first novel into this action-packed delight. There is a scene at the end that left me in tears..."--Bitten by Books
"...This is truly a series that will weave its magic around you. With multi-dimensional characters, a twisting storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat and has all the makings of a magical time. If you enjoy a complex yet entertaining series then grab not just THE APOSTLE OF ASPHODEL but the entire series so far to enjoy. I highly recommend Ms. Summers as an author you need to watch in the future as I predict great things will be coming her way. If you enjoy the epic Lord of the Rings, then you will enjoy The Asphodel Cycle Series. Run, don’t walk, to grab Ms. Summers' work and get ready to be lost in a world where elves, magic and gods battle for the salvation not just of the elves but for the entire world as they know it...."--Love Romances and More​
"...Ms. Summers creates complex characters that continue to grow as you read this series. All the characters, new and old, will keep your attention as you try to figure out along with Tamsen, what her objective is and if she can overcome the obstacles placed in her path. I highly enjoyed this entire series but am sincerely hoping Ms. Summers continues on with Asphodel and her great cast of characters. I really enjoyed how Tamsen finally matures into her role of Elven Queen and how to incorporate that in her life as wife to Brial Ka’antria and her choices show how much she has grown since the first book, THE RECKONING OF ASPHODEL. I really enjoyed how she goes toe to toe with Brial’s over protectiveness and both find their love deepens into something much more...." Love Romances and More
​"...Ms. Summers delivers a fast paced story that weaves its spell around you as you read of Tamsen, Brial and their friends’ quest and find out what happens when temptations are thrown in front of Tamsen and the others. Can she believe in her faith to overcome the odds in front of her? Who is this third mysterious god trying to make Tamsen go off her path and give into the Temptations they put in front of her? Emotional, gripping and wonderful is all I can say and since I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t read it yet, be aware that your butt may become numb from sitting in front of a computer or e-reader as you read TEMPTATION OF ASPHODEL. You will get sucked into Tamsen’s world and I was rooting for her, Brial and others to find the happiness they deserve. If you enjoy a wonderful Fantasy series that will captivate you with the sheer volume of world building & captivating characters that fairly leap off the pages and into your hearts, then grab the third installment of the Asphodel Cycle series, THE TEMPTATION OF ASPHODEL. All this reviewer wants to know is this: Can we get more please, Ms. Summers?..." -- Love Romances and More
​"...Celina Summers has created an absolutely stunning world. The different locations in the story show a lush world of wonder and magic, some good and some bad. The action scenes are amazing and the magic was dazzling. The cast of character building in the story is strong and allows the reader to become involved in their world and feel like one of the gang. Apostle of Asphodel will transport the reader to a different time. Take a trek across a world of magic and a journey that will truly bring the reader pleasure..." Coffee Time Romance
Ms. Summers knows this and takes her readers on a whirlwind journey of genre reality and surprises.  Never ever underestimate what Ms. Summers has planned next.

Ms. Summers creates battles that rival any historic saga.  Her leaders are precise and flawed.  Her heroes are worthy. Their sacrifices heavy.  They have learned that with every blessing from the gods there is a price to be paid.  What more do the gods/goddesses want from Tamsen?

There have been times I have felt cheated when reading a fantasy quest…Ms. Summers never cheats.  Each of her books is packed with intensity and gentleness.  Still she leaves you craving more.

While reading “Redemption” I felt there was an underlying meaning to Tamsen’s journey.  There is more to her adventure and battle, she is learning her own truth, her strength of being.  

How does a writer capture this?  This is the craft of writing, which Ms. Summers dominates--ChrisChat Reviews

​...The Reckoning of Asphodel, by Celina Summers, is traditional high fantasy, with chivalric knights and wood-wise elves, beautiful princesses and wise female seers, good and evil sorcerers and magicians. It's written in the language typical of the genre. It is, however, much better written, with more complex characters and situations, than many similar books. This is a serious fantasy novel, not the verbal equivalent of a computer game..." Novelspot.com
​What makes me so excited about “The Reckoning of Asphodel”?  From the prelude onwards there is a quiet power in the heroine’s voice.  Tamsen Ka’antira de Asphodel watched as her uncle killed her parents.  And as Ms. Summers unveils these murders you will hear the determination in Tamsen’s voice.  Her questioning, her fears, her sadness, her love, and her power are opened to the reader’s ears.  I haven’t cried during a fantasy book in some time.

I could tell you about the battles, the magic, how clearly Ms. Summers has written her world, and her loyal characters.  But, for me, this eBook is about emotions and Tamsen’s quiet haunting voice.

“The Reckoning of Asphodel” will not disappoint fantasy fans." --
ChrisChat Reviews
​"...The Reckoning of Asphodel is high elven fantasy at its best and I can't wait for the rest of the story to unfold. This story needs to be in print so I can drag it around with me for reading without banging my laptop up..." -- Dog Wild! Book Reviews
​"...This has to be the best fantasy romance I have ever read. I could not put this book down until I had read the final page...Ms. Summers skillfully draws her readers into the book. The characters are so realistic that they appear to step from the pages. A devilishly wonderful book that I highly recommend to one and all!"-- Coffee Time Romance

​"...THE RECKONING OF ASPHODEL is a wonderfully complex story that lures the reader in and delivers a fast paced ride that leaves you breathless. All this reviewer could do was hang on for the ride! New author Celina Summers delivers a stunning novel that captures the readers’ attention on the first page and never lets up until the last page is turned..." -- Love Romances & More