Learning in the library or at home? What works better?

Are you going to the library to study or are you staying at home? Before difficult examinations, which are associated with a high learning effort (and time pressure), the question arises, where you learn most effectively.

Learning at home

The benefits of your own home are hard to dispute. In the familiar environment, you can quickly find all the documents you put out there without anyone bothering you and buy essays online for college. In addition, you can start learning in casual clothing or in jogging pants to increase your feel-good factor.

When learning in your own home, it is convenient that you do not have to transport work materials to another location. Unnecessary lugging around of a few kilos does not apply to you.

Furthermore, you can always take a break when the head begins to “smoke”. Thus, your learning time is not tied to a specific schedule, but you can adapt it to your own needs.

For late risers, whose productive phase shifts towards late morning, this is an advantage. There is no free space in the library at an advanced hour or the facility is closed.

Danger of procrastination

Working in your own home is pleasant and beneficial. However, you can not ignore the “natural enemies” of this model. In addition to the danger of trying to gather too much information around the clock, the exact opposite is a big problem: procrastination.

This colloquially called “Aufschieberitis” phenomenon overtakes even motivated candidates in exam times. The result: You prefer every unloved activity to the actual goal. Afterwards your apartment is spotless, but you are not a bit wiser.

Learning in the library

Helps to counter this problem, if you put the work in a library. The opening hours of the library will give you a timetable for learning from outside. Since, as already mentioned, the seats are limited there, you are forced to appear early and get more time to acquire the necessary content.

As a result, a time window is created that you use exclusively for learning activities. As soon as you leave the library, your free time begins and there is nothing in your way to balance your workload.

Your focus on work is enhanced by the local conditions in a library. In addition to always handy reference works, the calm in the building increases your concentration on the essentials.

Assessment of one’s own needs is crucial

However, if other users are not quiet, this advantage is quickly gone. To find out, it is worth visiting in advance, so that you have not hit the road for nothing. Include the distance to the library in your consideration, so as not to lose too much time on the way there.

If the latter is the case, use your own home for learning. You stop the procrastination by providing joy in learning. With interactive exercises, the exam preparation becomes location independent, so you can study in your hammock at home in the garden. And that is much more relaxed than a hard wooden chair in a musty library.

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