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Coming June 15, 2018

Nothing could be more exciting for Catherine Brighton than having the company’s shows booked on London’s West End. Bringing the Carnival trilogy to England allows her to fulfill an ambition beyond any other. After defeating the Harlequin and destroying most of the window of Time, the strange world of magic has receded from her world.

But it doesn’t take long for her and her husband, Dominic, to discover new dangers. Her panic attacks are getting worse, and now the company has come to the notice of other immortals—many of whom want her for themselves. As the magic of the Carnival trilogies winds around them all, old enemies become allies. The Harlequin is no longer trying to take Catherine but seems to be working to protect her instead.

Can she overcome her distrust and learn to work with the Warden of Time? Or will another immortal break through his guard? In the Theater of Desire, everything is starting to change.

"Beautifully crafted and refreshingly original, Celina Summers is a bold new voice in speculative fiction!"

NYT/USA Today #1 bestselling author Helen Hardt

The Harlequin is NOW AVAILABLE! You need to hear ALL about this on his series page... right here


 "I wasn’t sure what this book would be. Romance? Thriller? Paranormal? Literary? The answer is yes to all. This book really defies category. Catherine is a journalist and former actress. Her boss wants her to audition for a role in this mysterious theater troupe that seems to hypnotize audiences. She’s completely unprepared for what she uncovers: danger, magic, and a love that crosses centuries. I’m completely hooked!"

   "My God! Where do I begin with this masterpiece? It's very, very rare that I come across such a masterful romance novel, but Theater Of Seduction was by far a masterful tale. It's supremely well-crafted, drawing the reader in from our very first introduction to Cat, and refusing to let go until the very last page. "

​"I very seldom give a book 5 stars, but this one earned it and then some. The story line was unique and not easily second guessed, every time I thought I knew where it was going it turned me around and left me guessing again. And the characters were so strong and out there that you could feel like you were right there watching them interact, you could feel their fear, determination, confusion and their affection.. Some places were intense and I had to walk away, but not for long it kept pulling me back in to see what was going to happen next."

"Oh my God, this was even better than the first book. I literally could not put it down. From the very first page I was once again drawn helplessly into the vivid world and conflict that surrounded Cat and the Royale Theatre Company on and off stage. And the Harlequin? Such a fantastically woven character; at times he is malevolent and seductive, at others vulnerable and almost helplessly beholden to a game he does not wish to play. There's a point early on where Cat likens the Harlequin to the Norse god Loki, and the comparison could not be more appropriate.

Brava, Celina, for an excellent second installment to the Harlequinade, and I am simply breathless with anticipation for what's still to come!"

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