Stalked by the Zozo Demon
by Celina Summers and Tim Wood

June 24, 2017 3:00 a.m. EST—San Francisco, CA
Zozo Experiment—Day Three

Tim Wood had just started a livestream on YouTube, and in his hand was the scariest-looking thing imaginable—a crude homemade voodoo doll, or fetish. He found the thing on his car a couple of days after he moved to a new house, a little figure made of fabric and mounted on a piece of wood, smeared with what looked like blood. Underneath the base are three words “Vingt huit noir.” In French, “Vingt” means "twenty". “Huit” is French for eight. “Noir” is French for night or darkness.

Twenty-eight is allegedly Zozo's number, so twenty-eight nights. A lunar month, like the Zozo experiment.


The Creole languages are patois, the mating of multiple languages to form a new one. French is the mother tongue of the Creole languages and religions—like voodoo, hoodoo, or Santeria. Although Tim was hesitant to call the fetish a voodoo doll on camera, that’s obviously what it was intended to be.  

Someone was watching him closely enough that they found his new residence two days after he moved in and left this gift on his car—a blatant notice that his actions were being monitored. Then, too, there’s little doubt that the doll was meant as a threat, warning him to back off from something he’s getting too close to.

Tim shrugged it all off. He never fed into fear tactics. If anything, things like the voodoo doll or death threat EVPs made him more aggressive. Warnings meant he was getting close to something, and he’s driven to find out what that something might be.

Tim was in the first week of a month-long experiment, a series of nightly sessions with the Ouija board. His purpose was to communicate with Zozo, the Ouija board demon who had dogged his steps for a decade. Each session was filmed in the same undisclosed location. He’s not investigating a haunted location, but a haunted person—himself. His gut instinct told him the fetish had something to do with Zozo, and he wanted to nail that connection down.

While the camera focused on the little doll, Tim ran an EVP session with his recorder set down on the concrete beside it.

“Did you put this doll on my car?” he asked, sounding a little impatient.

Upon playback of the recording, an answer emerged loud and clear.

EVP: I sure did. Zozo.


Just the name Zozo evokes a response from anyone interested in the paranormal. Zozo has been gaining popularity and public awareness for over three decades. Movies, books, and websites are all devoted to this mysterious entity who once you ring his doorbell on the spirit board, finds unexpected ways to influence your life.

As of the writing of this book, a simple YouTube search for the term “Zozo” turns up 349,000 videos purporting to document contact with the entity. All over the first page of results are videos streamed by Tim through LiveSciFi, the YouTube channel he owns. There’s a reason for that, just like there are reasons that new YouTubers are imitating his format, descriptions, metadata, and style.

Tim Wood was the current king of Zozo communication. The entity had been in more or less continuous contact with him for a decade. It didn’t matter where Tim went, the Zozo entity followed. Zozo popped up on most investigations without fail.

Tim could be sitting in the parking lot of a random QuickieMart, turn on a voice recorder, and get EVPs from Zozo.

“I think Zozo put that doll on my car,” Tim told me. “It influenced someone to put that there as a message to me.”

The entity known as Zozo has instantly recognizable traits, no matter which alias he pops up under. Zozo, Zaza, Mama, Ozoz, Oz, Za, Abacas—all are names the demon has used in the past—aliases, all. The Zozo entity sometimes announced its presence by moving back and forth in an arc on the board, repeatedly spelling its name. Frequently, Zozo snuck into Ouija sessions conducted by the unwary by pretending to be someone the users of the board would instinctively know and trust, like a deceased relative or friend.

Occasionally, it displayed knowledge about one of the users that no one else present would know—something I discovered first hand at Hinsdale. Frequently, sessions with Zozo devolved into sexual innuendo. Sometimes, an encounter with Zozo led to paranormal activity in the location where it was first contacted, and the oppression of the family who lived there.

No matter how you look at it, contacting Zozo opens a door, and once that door is opened it can never be closed again. Tim opened that door in 2007, during an investigation of the ballroom at the Stanley Hotel. That door’s been wide open since.

But his association with the entity stretched back much further than that.

* * * 

There’s nothing a little boy dreads more than his older sister’s birthday party.

The big house had been nothing but work for two days as the family got ready for the event. The downstairs of the house that had been built by Tim Wood’s grandfather was divided into a garage and a huge family room. Tim was nine, his sister had just turned thirteen. The downstairs was packed; over fifty kids had been invited to the dance party.

Naturally, being a younger brother, Tim didn’t think all that highly of the whole occasion.
At ten o’clock, all the boys were kicked out and the event became a slumber party for the girls. Tim went to sleep, but for some reason woke up again around one. He felt compelled to go downstairs and see what the girls were doing. So as he entered the family room, he saw the girls all clustered around a spirit board.

“I didn’t know what it was,” Tim admitted.

But Tim knew that something was strange. “I was awake, so it wasn’t a dream but…it was a vision. Then something happened. They got a response that freaked them out. My sister saw me and told me to go back upstairs, but I didn’t. I got closer and closer until I was standing right over the board and could see the whole session. And then they got wigged out and stopped. I remember it very well visually. I looked up and I’d been watching them for an hour.”

The following summer, the Wood family took their summer vacation in a cabin at an Oregon lake. While at the cabin, Tim had his first significant paranormal experience. Once again, he was watching the spirit board session at his sister’s party.

“I could see the girls, but there were black figures clustered around the board and the board was highlighted with some kind of red light. And on the opposite side of the board from me was this main, dark figure. The figure was very distinct. You know how it feels when you’re eating food that tastes bad, like it’s spoiled? And you know you’re going to get sick but you swallow it back down so you don’t? That’s how that figure made me feel..."

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