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"Beautifully crafted and refreshingly original, Celina Summers is a bold new voice in speculative fiction!"

NYT/USA Today #1 bestselling author Helen Hardt

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The Harlequinade Book One
Theater of Seduction 
by Celina Summers

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Catherine Brighton had given up on theater when crippling panic attacks drove her from New York, but when enigmatic director Phillip Lewis invites her to join his ‘theater of seduction’, she knows it’s her ticket to Broadway. The company’s magical performance style is the holy grail of theater, an acting style that uses empathy to heighten the emotion and psychically seduces the audience. Catherine soon learns that the company isn’t what it seems. Phillip has a strange hold over the cast, and the lines between reality and the play blur into an emotional minefield…one that’s cost previous leading ladies their lives.

The danger is compounded when Catherine falls in love with the male lead. Dominic LeClair is torn between his love for Cat and the troupe's secrets. When Cat’s best friend, Mike, offends Phillip at a party and dies in a mysterious accident hours later, she begins to question the uses of the company’s unique magic—and Phillip’s motives.

As the eighteenth century tragedy unfolds on the stage, Catherine discovers that the plot extends well beyond the script, and empathy can be used for much more than wowing an audience. If she can’t find a way to free them all from Phillip, she’ll remain trapped in his theater of seduction forever.

After all, the show must go on.

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Blood Feud Book One
The Kaantira Heir
by Celina Summers

As the heir apparent to the Elven Queen, Tamarisk's only purpose is to wait for a day she never wants to come. Tamarisk isn't a great mage like her mother, or a great warrior like her father, Brial Ka'breona. In fact, there's pretty much nothing left for her to be great at except confusion. Plus there's the baffling Anteros de Ceolliune always hanging around to make things even more confusing.

But the Elven Queen is vulnerable, frail now after years of dealing with her injuries from the war with the gods. Discord is brewing between the seven human kingdoms and the demimortal races. The Elves are becoming dangerously over-crowded. And there's a new, unknown enemy of divine origin who seems to have declared a blood feud with the Ka'antira as a whole.

When tragedy strikes the Elven realm, Tamarisk has to find a way to crawl out from beneath her heroic parents' shadow, and evolve into a Ka'antira heir on her own terms. If she lives that long.