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"Beautifully crafted and refreshingly original, Celina Summers is a bold new voice in speculative fiction!"

NYT/USA Today #1 bestselling author Helen Hardt

The Harlequin is NOW AVAILABLE! You need to hear ALL about this on his series page... right here

Harlequinade 2: Theater of Deception
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​​Six months after Catherine Brighton’s theatrical troupe finishes its Broadway run of the Carnival trilogy, the company mounts a new play: Harlequin. The character fits perfectly into the theater of seduction—a magical power that compels an audience’s emotional responses.

However, rehearsals are tense. Her husband, Dominic, distrusts the actor playing the lead role. Cat and Alistair, Dominic’s brother, struggle to keep the peace. Soon something inimical is dancing around the company, spinning strands of danger that entangle Cat in a shockingly familiar web. She fears that Phillip has somehow returned from the dead—not that Dominic believes her.

Whoever her unknown enemy is, he’s masquerading as the title character from Harlequin—a character both sinister and seductive—which terrifies her. But when she unexpectedly finds herself trapped two centuries in the past, Cat learns that there are far worse things to fear.

Like Time.

Symphony of Death by Celina Summers

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When Mozart is murdered by an immortal twenty-five years before his life was supposed to end, Morgaine, the Death of Art, knows why. Mozart’s Requiem is more than just a glorious piece of music. The Requiem contains a magical weapon that can either change reality…or end it. For possession of the Requiem, the immortals who are Death will battle against each other. When Death wars upon itself, only calamity can follow--not just for the people Morgaine loves but all of existence.

The Harlequinade Book One
Theater of Seduction 
by Celina Summers

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Ebook $4.99 Print $15.99 

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"Celina Summers, what can I say, but thank you for offering your book as an ARC. I loved the cover, so this and the blurb, may have drawn me in, but I have so many books in my library to read, I may not have picked it up... I will be watching out for new, and adding TBRs to my list. Fantastic book!"

"I never expected something this good. This is a unique storyline to me. So many surprises. I was almost part of the sudience. I definitely felt, but I also remembered. I will not give up the story. This is a book that has to be experienced. I loved the characters, they drew me in quickly and never let go. I felt it all."

​"Theater of Seduction grabs your attention from page one, draws you into its intricate web of delicious characters and spins a story full of everything you never knew you wanted in a book. I am hooked and can’t wait for what’s next. Based off of this piece of work, I will gladly read anything Celina Summers cares to write. She is just that good."