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Servant of Dis

The Asphodel Cycle

Coming September 1, 2016

Thirteen years have passed since Tamsen and Brial left the shores of ancient Ilia. 

For thirteen years, Tamsen has ruled the Elven Realm while Brial has warded the kingdom. The Elves have become comfortable interacting with their human neighbors and allies. A new set of Ka'antira heirs has been born, and parenthood is the most frightening thing the Elven Queen and her Consort face.
The world is now a safe place, and the alliance between the Elves, Centaurs, Hippolytos, and Ansienne is maintained easily by their rulers. The gods had promised Tamsen that she would live a long and peaceful life after her victory in the arena, and as daily life slides into habit, Tamsen is content. Happy.

But the gods are not omniscient, and contentment is not eternal. Without warning, the world tips sideways into new dangers created by the hands of unknown enemies. Tamsen and Brial are lured out of Leselle, and into a new war. 

This time, things are far more perilous--a game where only their opponents know the rules, the players, and the stakes. Tamsen's quest to find the answers becomes increasingly desperate, and frustrating. The opening moves feel frighteningly familiar, but the ultimate foe is no longer a threat. For as she works to discover the meaning behind the Black Dream, Tamsen is no longer bound to the goddess she loves. 

In order to protect her allies, people, and heirs, Tamsen must assume a role no one could have expected. The Queen of the Elves must become the servant of Dis, for only in the service of the Lord of Death can the mortal realm be preserved.  

Sometimes the only way to learn about one's enemy, is to make a bargain--and hope that bargain isn't a fatal mistake.

The world of Asphodel lives again in the never-before published sequel series The Black Dream 

Servant of Dis -- September 1, 2016

Prisoner of Death--October 1, 2016

Mage of Chaos --November 1, 2016

Queen of Rebellion --December 1, 2016